Integration with most work order systems

Our advanced technology enables us to integrate seamlessly with most work order systems through a powerful tool called webhooks. This technology allows us to collect all relevant data during the call-handling process, which is then seamlessly transmitted to our clients' work order systems.

Separating calls by building

At our real estate answering service, we understand that each building being managed can have different procedures and personnel assigned to handle urgent maintenance requests and other inquiries. That's why we ensure that calls from specific buildings are sent to the designated person or department. 

Create work orders

If our clients' systems don't support integration. We strive to provide seamless service that fits our clients' unique needs. We train our staff to manually log into our clients' work order systems and create work orders on their behalf. This ensures that all important information is logged and that work orders are accurately created. 

After hours emergency call escalation

In the event of an emergency such as a flood or fire, our trained staff will immediately escalate the call to the appropriate parties assigned to each building. We have a detailed protocol in place to ensure that the correct people are notified and that action is taken as quickly as possible.

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