What we do?

Our AI Homecare solution  

Welcome to The Hello Team, your premier homecare answering service provider. We utilize cutting-edge AI technology to ensure that each call is directed to the appropriate department or person. We make sure every call is handled, regardless of the time of day or urgency, but we never overburden your agency. For example, any urgent call will be sent to the on-call coordinator via SMS, or one of our agents will call them to notify them. Non-urgent calls are still answered and directed to the specific department it belongs to without notifying the on-call coordinator. By separating each department, we ensure that payroll, HR, and other such calls are sent to a clear email for the next day to be dealt with at their convenience. This allows you to have more time the next day by knowing what issues to deal with right away. We also ensure that you never miss a marketing call, and we will put it into your CRM right away for you to follow up with them promptly

Tailored workflows for Homecare clients

Unlike traditional answering services, we take pride in our close collaboration with homecare clients, working with some of the largest agencies to create customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. This includes creating efficient workflows for handling after-hours shift cancellations and requests for transportation, mimicking their emergency processes to provide seamless support. Our agency partners receive clear reports the next day detailing how we handled replacements and assignments, demonstrating our commitment to continuous learning and growth with each unique agency.

Homecare trained staff 

Our agents undergo extensive training in the home health care industry to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the different stakeholders and the services offered, including the differences between PCA and CDPAP. This allows them to not only gather the correct information from each caller but also to explain the services to callers and provide the necessary support. By working closely with your agency, we can ensure that your after-hours operations run smoothly and that your patients and caregivers receive the best possible care.

Unique system and privacy

We also offer a special ticketing system that seamlessly integrates with HHA Exchange, making it easy for your staff to track and manage calls and inquiries. Rest assured that we are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the secure and confidential handling of all patient information.